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Specializing in home bathroom gift sets, maternal and child, adult care products research and development, design, production, sales integration enterprise


Ganzhou R&D Center

Focusing on product quality research and development, Nutrifish's low-temperature extraction and preservation technology research and development ensure the quality and effectiveness of products.


Xiamen R&D Center

Focusing on researching skin health and ensuring innovative research and production of products. Focusing on the research and development of infant and child skin health.


South China University of Technology R&D Center

In 2018, a strategic cooperation was reached with South China University of Technology to establish a Green Cosmetics Innovation Research Center, focusing on researching skin nutrition and health management.


Research and Development Center of Xiamen University School of Pharmacy

In 2021, we reached a strategic cooperation with the School of Pharmacy of Xiamen University, focusing on researching pharmacology and pathology, as well as low-temperature safe extraction technology for fruits.


Research and development bases in the UK and US

The UK US R&D Center is committed to exploring the fruits of nature, constantly exploring the essence of fruits that are more effective in caring for infants and children, and bringing high-quality care of nature to infants and children with high standards in Europe and America.

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